A Tribute to Joker

A tree planting activity in memory of the late Joker S. Eleccion was done on March 30, 2017. The family planted a mahogany seedling for Joker who sacrificed in pursuing his dream of becoming a man of dignity and integrity as they rededicate themselves for the founding aims and ideals of Joker.

The QNAS faculty, staff and students witness this memorable event. The seedling is to be A Tribute to Joker EDITORIAL BOARD Contributing Writers: Glaiza DS. Castor Jessa B. Deceda Ma. Lourdes Y. Aurin Kendrick Jim A. Tabi Rafael M. Decena, Jr. Erlinda E. Gatchalian Managing Editor Gerardo R. Marasigan, PhD Consultant nurtured by the flame of human rights, the burden-sharing of collective security and our common belief in human development.

There have been many setbacks along the path, and that his death is scarred by conflict and turmoil.

There is much distance still to travel until the seedling sown will blossom into lives of dignity and peace for all.

With this, QNAS especially remember the life and work of our brother Joker, trusting God’s promise of everlasting life and love. The activity marked the continuity of his life. He will always be remembered through this seedling. As it grows, may this tree speak the power of his life in our midst, deeply rooted and ever growing in all creation. May this tree dig deep roots and grow wide branches to bear witness of the abundant love and grace made known to our brother Joker.

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