Advocacy Updates and Campus Tour at QNAS

Advocacy Updates and Campus Tour at QNAS


The QNAS advocacy team, conducted a school to school campaign on QNAS offerings and services. They also represented TESDA in the school to school campaign career talks defining the various jobs which are considered marketable. The campaign also provided awareness and meaningful information on the existing career opportunities needed by young people in choosing a career to pursue after their secondary education. In line with QNAS’ aim of delivering quality technical vocational education, the Social Marketing and Advocacy Committee (SMAC) continuously disseminating information campaign to various schools in Quezon Province. The team was given a chance to promote the different qualifications being offered by QNAS during their Career Guidance/Festival Week. The said campaign is done throughout the year and made possible through the efforts of the Advocacy Team headed by Erlinda E. Gatchalian, with members Michael C. Castro, Rafael M. Decena, Jr., Madonna G. Aquino, Glaiza DS. Castor and Analie M. Montserrat.


Fifty (50) Open High School students (Grade 9 and 10) and Faculty of Atimonan National Comprehensive High School at Atimonan, Quezon visited QNAS on October 22, 2015 as part of their career pathway program which is an important feature of the K to 12. Most of their students enrolled in Open High School Program are working students and some are already parents. They included the institution in their school/industry visit to be able them to decide whether to take bachelor studies or undergo trainings given by TESDA institutions like QNAS.

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