List of Newly Acquired Materials C.Y 2017


1 Hilario, Jose S. Getting started in cooking 2016
2 Commercial cooking: advanced 2016
3 Baratera-Prades, Corazon Bread and pastry production NCII 2015
4 Bueno, David C. Food microbiology and food safety 2014
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7 Hilario, Jose S. A practical guide in basic cooking and baking, c.2 2015
8 Somoray, Ana Marie Principles of food safety, sanitation and hygiene 2016
9 Abaigar, Rumar R. Food chemistry with basic nutrition 2015
10 Punay, Maria Lutgarda Manuela B. Food and beverage service management 2015
11 Villaverde-Gabriel, Elvira Passion to bake: baking guide for beginners 2012
12 javier-reyes, Ruth E. Culinary arts 2015
13 Viana, Jake C. Food service management 2015
14 Bartending: intermediate 2016
15 Cornell, Daryl Ace A concise guide in food and beverage service procedures, 2nd ed. 2015
16 Carino, Celia E. Fundamentals of food service management 2014
17 Salamat, Laarni S. Housekeeping services: K-12 and TESDA 2016
18 Banes, Luz P. Principles of economics: with taxation, agrarian reform and cooperatives 2016
19 Pereda, Pedrito R. Principles of marketing 2014
20 Bueno, David C. Practical quantitative research writing: for senioe high school 2016
21 Saidali, Margarita R. The entrepreneur 2015
22 Flores, Marivic F. Business plan 2017
23 Pereda, Pedrito R. Strategic management 2015
24 Arciaga, Ronald L. Statistics and probability 2016
25 Gonzales, Edward D. Principles of marketing: K-12 compliant textbook for senior high school 2016
26 Penaflor, Lito A. Labor laws and social legislation,       1st ed. 2016
27 Camilar-Serrano, Angelita O. Principles of organization and management 2016
28 Cousins, John Food and beverage service 9th ed. 2014