QNAS Agriculture Sector Opens 2016 Skills Competition


QNAS Agriculture Sector Opens 1

To enhance the skills of the trainees in agriculture, the QNAS Agriculture Sector opened the 2016 Skills Competition on April 4, 2016. The different skills competed were the following; grafting (cleft), budding, in arching, lay-outing, live weight estimation (swine), fertilizer computation, feed formulation, seed identification, dressing of chicken and weeds identification. Trainers in agriculture were the persons involved in the conduct of the competition headed by the active course leaders in Agriculture Sector and Diploma in Agricultural Technology, namely, Mr. Delfin R. Rea and Mr. Evan M. Javier, respectively.

AVSS Gerardo R. Marasigan reiterated the importance of team work and sportsmanship during the competition while the TMU Head, Mr. Jaime R. Racho, Sr. reminded the competitors to focus coupled with self-discipline in competing.

QNAS Agriculture Sector Opens

In the 2016 Skills Competition, Group 4 was declared the overall champion while Group 1, Group 6, Groups 3 & 5, and Group 2 garnered First, Second, Third and Fourth Runners-up; respectively.

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