QNAS and DIOKO Farm in Partnership for DTS

The Quezon National Agricultural School signed an agreement between Winner Dioko Farms Corporation to carry out the in-plant training Dual Training System (DTS) trainees of QNAS on April 20, 2017 at Winner Dioko Farms Corporation, Brgy. San Joaquin, San Pablo City, Laguna.

In the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) QNAS will conduct the training in Animal Production (Swine) NC II with the capacity to implement the in-school aspect of the training given its TESDA accreditation, extensive experience, trained personnel, facilities and equipment, and technical qualifications as required for under the Dual Training System while Winner Dioko Farms Corporation will carry out the in-plant training.

Both parties recognize the need for a joint effort towards the promotion of the Dual Training System through programs that make industry-responsive education and skills training accessible to the trainees as a step in improving life and productivity.

The trainee falls under the category of a student of QNAS. No employee-employer relationship exists nor shall in any manner is regarded to exist between the trainees and the Winner Dioko Farms Corporation.

The duration of the Animal Production (Swine) NC II course is for a total of 1,026 hours, of which the nominal duration of three hundred six (306) hours is for the in-school training and seven hundred twenty (720) hours is for the in-plant training. Daily class hours shall be from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

The trainee will be governed by provisions in the QNAS Student Handbook wherein the salient and applicable provisions of the Winner Dioko Farms Corporation rules and regulation and Code of Discipline and Conduct are included.

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