QNAS APACC Self-Study Team Undertakes Mock Audit

An audit for APACC accreditation was held on January 11, 2017 at QNAS APACC room. The APACC Focal, Mr. Jaime R. Racho, Sr. together with the APACC SelfStudy Team acknowledged the Mock Audit team headed by RD Luisita S. Dela Cruz from TESDA IV-A and Dr. Alvin Yturralde from Concepcion Vocational School.

The seven criteria were audited. For each criterion, the auditors meticulously scrutinized it and came up with recommendations and suggestions.

Likewise, a mock audit was done by Dr. Alvin Yturralde and Ms. Marjorie Anne D. Gutierrez (CVS) in preparation for the actual visit of APACC Team on February 16, 2017 at QNAS APACC room.

Prior to the actual mock audit, Dr. Alvin Yturralde from Concepcion Vocational School gave an overview on how the audit will be conducted by his team. He stated that data sources should be readily available to the auditors when they ask for it. His team was composed of the following: Dr. Alvin Yturralde for Criterion I (Governance & Management), Mr. Rico Briones for Criterion II (Teaching & Learning), Ms. Resty Paras for Criterion VI (Resources), Ms. Janet Pascual for Criterion VII (Support to Students), and Ms. Grace Magsura for Criterion V (Extension).

The actual mock audit was conducted per criterion. Criterion VI (Resources) and Criterion VII (Support to Students) were done at the QNAS Library. Criterion I (Governance & Management), Criterion II (Teaching & Learning), Criterion III (Faculty & Staff) were all done at the APACC Room. Criterion IV (Research & Development) & Criterion V (Extension) were audited in the afternoon at the APACC Room.

After the conduct of audit for the seven criteria, CVS Team shared their observations and recommendations based on the audit they have conducted per criterion. They gave information on what data sources to be prepared and how to answer specific questions.

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