QNAS Commemorates Its 56th Founding Anniversary

QNAS Commemorates Its 56th Founding Anniversary

On August 25, 2016 QNAS conducted a general program at the Convention Hall, highlighted by the recognition and awarding of certificates and other prizes to the faculty, staff and students for their different achievements.

The program started with an opening prayer by Mr. Delfin R. Rea, Assistant Professor II. This was followed by the National Anthem conducted by Ms. Lyndia G. Lasheras, Admin Staff. Mr. Joven S. Fulgar, the QNASFEA President gave his welcome remarks. Selected students from the Diploma in Agricultural Technology performed a number to entertain the audience. Mr. Jaime R. Racho, the Training Management Unit Head and Mr. Gerardo R. Marasigan, the Acting Vocational School Superintendent gave their meaningful messages.

QNAS Commemorates Its 56th Founding Anniversary 2

Ms. Yevgeny Ephraim S. Obciana, Ms. Rowena R. Marasigan, Mr. Michael De Sena, Mr. Herminio De Chavez, Mr. Ernesto Andrada and Mr. Francisco Barcelona were among the faculty and staff who received the plaque for Loyalty Award.

QNAS Commemorates Its 56th Founding Anniversary 3

Students who participated in the intramural games were also awarded. Green Team, composed of DAT II, COK NC II and FBS NC II was declared the Over-all Champion, Blue Team, consisted of HSK-Unisan NC II, EIM NC II and EPAS NC II garnered the 1st runner up award, Yellow Team, from the HSK-Regular NC II, DAT 1, BAR NC II and FOP NC II got the 2nd runner-up and Red Team, the group of FOS NC II, SMAW NC II and HCS NC II won the 3rd runner-up.

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