QNAS Registration Staff Attends E-enrolment Workshop

QNAS Registration Staff Attends E-enrolment Workshop

Mr. Joseph S. Eleccion, Mr. Aldrin B. Forbes, and Mr. Kendrick Jim A. Tabi from the Registration Unit headed by the School Registrar, Mrs. Erlinda E. Gatchalian attended the E-enrolment Procedure Seminar/ Workshop on October 20, 2015 at the Regional Training Center RTCCALABARZON, Batangas City.

The E-enrolment procedure has already been two (2) years in the making to level up enrolment process. According to Mr. Gerardo A. Mercado, RTC-CALABARZON, Administrator, there is a need to resurrect this process for implementation to all TESDA Technical Institutions (TTIs) as one of the projects of Work Improvement Network and Governance System (WINGS) which aims to improve the different processes in TESDA.

Mr. Marlon D. Hubilla, TESDS I, PTC Paliparan and Mr. Manex T. Sabidong, Instructor II, JZGMSAT are the authors of the E-enrolment Procedure. Both of them taught the participants on how to set up computers to be used by the trainees in filling up profile and how to link the data to the server where the MIS 03-02 is. They reiterated that the TCES_Form – Training Center E-enrolment System is a database system developed to speed up and ease the record keeping of the Trainees’ Profiles. The system also generates Official Enrolees report of a particular qualification and is capable of generating MIS 03-02 data for reporting.

Likewise, the MIS Focals, Mr. Joseph S. Eleccion and Mrs. Erlinda E. Gatchalian together with the Budget Officer/Financial Analyst, Mrs. Laila A. Delgado and Mrs. Maria Lourdes Y. Aurin attended the On-line PMMS (BEDs/BFARs) and Web-based MIS 03-02 Workshop on October 27-28, 2015 at the National eTESDA Center, eTESDA PMO, PEVOTI Building, TESDA Central Office for the implementation of the TESDA on-line reporting.

From the different templates presented, the participants were taught how to fill them up with the data and how they will appear in the MIS 03-02 report.

The Budget Accountability Report (BAR) will be based on MIS 03-02 report since the output is reflected on it. The financial report of the TTIs will be apportioned to the activities conducted per Major Final Output (MFO).

The actual accomplishment and expenses of the institution will be reflected in the New Monitoring Sheet, a template that shows the physical and financial plan.

Open on-line is set every 20th of the month wherein the deadline of submission is on the 28th of each month.

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