Region 4A Holds Pilot-Run of Basic Competency Modules at QNAS

Region 4A Holds Pilot-Run of Basic Competency Modules at QNAS

In line with TESDA-Region’s aim for the uniformity of the delivery of Basic Competency Modules in different TTIs in Calabarzon, a two-day workshop was held on March 10-11, 2016. Headed by QNAS AVSS Gerardo R. Marasigan, RTC Calabarzon Administrator, Gerardo A. Mercado and facilitators namely; Ms. Mely D. Peňa, Ms. Analie M. Montserrat, Ms. Melody M. Cortez and Ms. Teresita G. Cariňo conducted the said workshop. Selected trainers of Basic Competency were the attendees.

All the participants were divided into four groups and assigned one competency. Guided by the facilitators, the group reviewed the module and discussed the method of delivery. This was followed by the presentation of the revised module and an open forum regarding the matter.

On the second day, a demo teaching with critiquing was held. Each group delivered a demo teaching on a certain competency assigned to them. After the delivery, the group was subjected to critiquing by the other groups together with the different administrators of TESDA TTIs in CaLaBarZon. The validation of the developed Basic Competency modules was also done.

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